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About Organisation

Carnival Village Trust – The Yaa Centre

Carnival Village Trust makes a significant contribution to the nation’s artistic landscape and to the enrichment of people’s lives by developing and delivering carnival arts that are primarily rooted in Caribbean cultural traditions, and by being excellent at everything it does. As London´s development agency for Carnival Arts, we promote the arts, crafts and business of this relatively unsung art form in the UK, focussing on its roots and broader cultural impact.

Fundamental to the organisation's vision of promoting Caribbean Carnival heritage is the Yaa Centre which is a Carnival Arts and Events building. This venue houses a unique combination of a main performance space (capacity 200) and also features facilities such as a dance studio, Carnival Arts studios and a large steel band orchestra rehearsal studio. The Yaa entre is also home to an exciting roster of Carnival Arts workshops and our learning programme is based on extending knowledge and understanding of the Carnival arts and the history of Caribbean Carnival. The programme also offers opportunities for local schools and colleges to discover and engage their young people in Carnival arts workshops and activities.

Yaa Centre
020 7266 4375
Yaa Centre 1 Chippenham Mews
London, W9 2AN