#FightTogether Against Heart Disease

Age range: 18 - 25 | Price: Free | Project by: Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club
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About Project

The programme has a three-pronged approach to reduce the risk of heart disease:

Firstly, physical fitness will be improved through coached gym sessions, participants will also receive self-train session plans and at-home workouts.
Second, healthy eating will be encouraged by providing handy nutritional information on topics such as making better food choices and providing affordable, simple wholesome recipes.
Thirdly, there will be a focus on stress release. Boxing requires focus of the mind and provides an opportunity to physically release stress onto the boxing bag itself, however, mindfulness and breathing exercises will also form part of the sessions.
Participants will receive a weekly email containing a self train bag workout, at home workout and a nutrition fact sheet. For those looking to lose weight there will also be scales at the gym and the opportunity to log progress through out the programme.

Project runs weekly

During: School Term & School Holidays

Excluding: Bank Holidays


After creating an account e-mail: outreach@rathboneboxingclub.com. Please include the session you're signing up for and the name used on your account.

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In-person Support In-person Support
Target Young People , Parents
Cost Free
Age of participants Child age: 18 - 25
Location Rathbone Boxing Club
29-35 Rathbone Street
London, W1T 1NJ
Available from - to 03/07/2021-03/07/2022
Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club

Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club

29-35 Rathbone Street
London, W1T 1NJ