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Swimunity is a registered CIC, which was established in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, a tragedy which highlighted the already existing inequalities present in the community, and left a community in grief. Swimunity was formed to provide a safe space for all members of the community to not only learn to swim, but also to enjoy the many benefits the water can bring to both body and mind, as part of aiding recovery, and to try to bridge the gap between those who can access resources and those who cannot. Swimunity’s aims were created to teach and enhance resilience, empowerment and strength to young people. It is a chance for someone to learn a life skill, as well as how to relax and keep calm, face fears and increase their confidence, health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. It is this resilience which our children need to build upon, not only in our community-wide recovery from Grenfell but to prepare them for the journey of adulthood with all life’s ups and downs. We believe there is a need for a more inclusive approach to aquatics and we aim to remove any barriers present whether they are cultural or economic through working with the local community to make them feel welcome and at ease with the water, whether they are an absolute beginner or retired competitive swimmer. We recognise the need for fun in young people and children’s lives as well as adults and believe that there are many benefits to taking part in an activity purely for pleasure, joy and connection. Despite the recent setbacks due to the pandemic, we managed to provide a 6 week course of sessions, an intensive 5 day course, and a Beach Day for the local families, with lots more fun in the pipeline! Our mission is to make the joy of swimming accessible to all communities. Follow us on instagram @swimunity as this is how we initially communicate any upcoming projects we have planned, and also how people register their interest to take part.

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