London Football Journeys

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About Organisation

London Football Journeys is a charity that brings young people from different parts of the city together to share new experiences, find common ground and overcome stereotypes.
We do this through the language of film and the love of football.

Whatever area your youth group is from, we:
- Make London accessible to young people
- Break down prejudices
- Boost confidence and learning

Are you a player? Want to get your team involved in a London Football Journey? Your team will make a film, play in a different part of town, pick up new skills and have a laugh doing it.

Your team needs to:
- Have players aged between 12 and 15
- Be part of an established football team, youth club or school
- Host the other teams in your area and youth club / school
- Be committed to taking part in the film and football activities lasting around 3 months

London Football Journeys
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