Fly High Workshops

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About Organisation

Fly High Workshops is a Motivational Performing Arts Agency that provides young people with the tools to make them more confident in their individual performance abilities.

Self-Belief, confidence and discipline are central to our values at Fly High Workshops.

With our focus on these three elements, we take a behaviour-centred design approach to encourage these strengths in young people. Our workshops are structured to ensure that students are guaranteed to have 1-to-1 support, participation in group activities as well as providing Q&A’s and audition prep on all thing’s performance with some of the best professionals in the industry.

Our aim is to empower children and young people to take the interpersonal skills and self-esteem building practices that we nurture in our sessions and transfer them into their everyday lives. The benefits of these activities will help them thrive at school, college, home and beyond.

Fly High Workshops

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