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About Organisation

Carnival Village Trust makes a significant contribution to the nation’s artistic landscape and to the enrichment of people’s lives by developing and delivering carnival arts that are primarily rooted in Caribbean cultural traditions, and by being excellent at everything it does. As London´s development agency for Carnival Arts, we promote the arts, crafts and business of this relatively unsung art form in the UK, focussing on its roots and broader cultural impact.

Carnival Village Trust is a unique collaboration between its partners whose objects are to develop the arts of Carnival. We have the background to do all this and are well placed in the locality of Notting Hill Carnival. Promoting performance as well as preparation, we also host venues in Notting Hill, West London, where Carnival Arts and African Caribbean activities add to a diverse theatre and arts programme.

Carnival Village Trust
24–35 Powis Square
London, W11 2AY