An-Nisa Community Empowerment

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About Organisation

An-Nisa Community Empowerment runs a Supplementary School that offers Arabic, English and Math classes for children aged 5-11 years old.

The purposes of the An-nisa Women’s Empowerment Group is to:

- Empower women from all backgrounds with knowledge, skills and confidence to better themselves & their families, tackle isolation and integrate.
- Provide a safe and supportive space for all women.
- Encourage women to attend skill building workshops and further education.
- Offer a forum to share information and expand awareness of multiculturalism.
- Provide a support network for isolated and vulnerable women and bridge communities.
- To relieve poverty among women by the provision of advice and information about health, welfare, housing and other social benefits.

Coffee Mornings for Women suffering with isolation, helping provide a safe and supportive space for all to empower and better themselves.
The coffee mornings are held on Tuesday mornings during term time at Response Community Projects, 300 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JF

*Children are welcome at the Coffee mornings


An-Nisa Community Empowerment
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